About Safety Town

Safety Town is the first important step in our children’s education. Here is an organized solution to the problem of preparing our children to cope with and understand ever-increasing safety hazards.  Each session includes two weeks of instruction and fun to 3-7 year old children determined by their age on May 18, 2019.  Parents/guardians must grant permission for attendance and provide transportation for all participants.

Safety Town is an educational experience by which safety lessons are taught, with the children learning through actual participation and demonstration.  Program activities include:

  • Live presentations provided by visits from fire, rescue and police departments
  • Safe school bus basics
  • Use of 911
  • Drug abuse prevention
  • Personal health practices
  • Pool safety
  • Pedestrian and rider safety
  • BrainMinders presentations
  • Movies and songs that aid teacher instructions

During the early forming years, we want children to develop good safety habits and, most importantly, a general safe attitude which will guide them property in making safe decisions throughout their lives.

Safety Town is coordinated by a Director of Education who is a certified teacher.  Other certified teachers, committed assistants and dedicated volunteers work with the children.

2019 Safety Town Flyer

Safety Town Application 2019

Rotary East York

York East Rotary is a civic/service organizations for executive, business and professional leaders.  The club is nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian and non-discriminating.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life in our communities, develop friendship and increase the opportunity for service.  Our tagline is “service above self.”